Our Services and Resources

As part of our focus as an educational nonprofit organization, the attorneys are available to conduct seminars, workshops, and special programs on areas of legal concern for residence halls, fraternities, sororities, registered student groups, and classes. In addition,  our legal staff contributes to newspaper articles, local radio and television programs concerning legal matters that affect students.

We assist students with matters of consumer protection including travel/baggage issues; telephone, Internet, and postal solicitations; property repair, health clubs, and insurance questions including auto, property, and health. We also help students learn about and deal with a variety of scams such as check schemes, car title scams, Craigslist/Internet scams, apartment lease scams, out-of-country/out-of-state sales, and “too good to be true” scams.

We can help students with issues dealing with credit history, credit cards, debts/defaults, collections, ID fraud/theft, credit rehabilitation, bank problems, and establishing credit.

Employment concerns such as job termination, wage/hour issues, contracts, covenants not to compete, harassment, and injuries can be addressed by our office.

We can help with business concerns like nonprofit status, contracts, W-9’s, and SS-4 forms.

Estate matters such as Wills, Living Wills, Health Care Power of Attorney, name changes, and Power of Attorneys can be handled by our office.

We provide advice on traffic problems such as DMV points, insurance points, non-moving violations, registration problems, and driver’s license issues. The office also assists students with accidents including police reports, insurance points, types of insurance, driving points, and mandatory reporting. We also help students with issues related to their cars such as towing problems, leasing a car, purchasing a new or used car, rental cars, car warranties and service contracts, Lemon Law, auto insurance, and car repair issues.

USLS provides legal advice on criminal matters such as expungements, penalties, affects on visa status; advice regarding misdemeanors, felonies, criminal procedures and criminal records; First Offender’s and drug and alcohol programs.

We handle uncontested domestic issues dealing with child custody, support and visitation, separation agreements, divorces, domestic violence and no contact orders, sexual assault, stalking, and harassment.

USLS also provides immigration services for students.

There’s no cost to students, faculty or staff. Invitation letters, Power of Attorney documents, Board of Examiner forms, and car titles are all examples of documents commonly notarized by our office.