Author: bcderrow

May 31, 2015

New USLS Office Location

Our office has moved to 1107 Pullen Hall as of May 22, 2015. Our mailing address, fax and phone numbers remain the same.

March 12, 2015

Consumer Education: Phony Email Regarding Anthem Breach

You’ve probably seen the headlines that Anthem Insurance Company has experienced a massive data breach that could affect some 80 million of its customers. In many cases a company that suffers a breach will offer its affected

January 26, 2015

Consumer Education: Thieves File Phony Tax Returns

Tax return identity theft happens when thieves use your Social Security Number to file tax returns and claim a large refund. You discover the fraud when you file your own tax return and the Internal

May 28, 2010

Fast Facts

Purpose The service focuses on helping students resolve their legal problems with as little disruption as possible to their educational endeavors. The office promotes preventive law, equipping students to make informed choices. People Four attorneys,