picture of a speaker
  • Speaker's Bureau
    As part of our focus as an educational nonprofit organization, the attorneys are available to conduct seminars, workshops, special talks and programs on areas of legal concern for residence hall students, fraternities, sororities, registered student groups and classes. -- In addition, the Service contributes to newspaper articles and makes appearances on local radio and TV stations concerning legal matters that affect students.
picture of a law library
  • Library
    The Service has a library that consists of the North Carolina General Statutes, the Raleigh City Code and various other legal publications that contain information about practical aspects of law.
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  • Resources and Forms
    The state and federal government informational pamphlets, copyright information, pamphlets, brochure and legal packets prepared by the office on popular areas of law: alcohol, traffic tickets, prose divorces, wills, living wills, name changes, leases, and sublease agreements.